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The Irish Palatine Association Journal (No.22) has been published and mailed to all our current members.
In this issue Pat O'Connor looks back on his researching and writing People Make Places, the Story of the Irish Palatines. Visiting the grave of Philip Embury & Barbara Heck in Prescott, Ontario. Shipping tradgedy as Irish Palatine families set out on their quest for a better life. Letter from John Miller (1848) to Canadian nephew more...

IPA Membership for 2015
We would like to thank all those who have renewed membership of the Irish Palatines Association for 2015 and would encourage anyone who has an interest in Irish Palatine Heritage to support our endeavours through the membership scheme. The IPA is voluntary organisation and we rely on worldwide support from people of Irish Palatine Heritage to help with the operation of the museum and organisation. Membership of the Association is 25.00 euros per year. The membership year runs from 1st January to December 31st each year. Where membership is received in the course of the year, any literature mailed in the prior part of the year will be posted at the time of subscription
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Adare Field Meeting
June 2nd 2015
The annual Methodist 'field meeting' is held on the first Tuesday of each June at 12.00 noon beside the stone which marks the site on which John Wesley (founder of Methodism) preached to the people of Adare "in or about the year 1756". The site is now in the middle of the Adare Manor Golf course, and the club happily suspends play to facilitate the Methodist worship. The field meeting, traditionally a day long affair for Methodists, is now an open air service followed by a picnic. The tradition continues and this years field meeting is on the 3rd of June.
for more about the field meeting see 1999 IPA Journal No.10 pg.10

Shier Reunion 2015
21st June 2015

shier reunion 2015 cannington ontario

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