Aims and Objectives of the IPA
Irish Palatine Association Aims
To encourage and develop a sense of identity among Palatine families and their descendants.
To collect and preserve original documents, photographs and memorabilia relating to Palatine families and to act as trustees of such material for posterity.
To administer the purpose-built Museum and Heritage Centre, housing an exhibition library and archive to assist descendants researching their families.
To make contact and develop links with descendants of Palatines everywhere.
To signpost and identify sites associated with the Irish Palatine Story.

To Achieve these Aims and Objectives we
Host an exhibition illustrating the Irish Palatine story.
Continue to gather a Library on subjects of Irish Palatine Interest.
Maintain a Website.
Publish an annual Journal.
Correspond with members of the Association.
Host tours and lectures of Palatine interest.
Seek to raise funds for further development of the Irish Palatine Heritage Centre.

The Association Committee Members are;
Austin Bovenizer (chairman)*, Lorna Shier (Sec. & Treasurer)*, Pat Colemen,
Rev. D.A. Levistone Cooney, Helen Mulcahy, Dan Neville*, Audrey Ruttle,
Christy Switzer*.


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