Irish Palatine Museum Exhibition (selection)
Costume Illustration
1840 illustration by Pfeiffer (Piper) depicting traditional Palatine costume. One of the women is using a ring cushion to support a basket on her head. This was customary in the Palatinate and the cushion is similar to one in the Museum exhibition.

Donated by:
Johanna & Gabriele Weis, Germany.

Traditional Palatine Clothing (1700's)
collection of traditional Palatine clothing items as worn by the common people of the Palatinate in the early 1700's. The clothing was hand reproduced by Gudrun Voegeli, Edenkoben, using material from 1700’s. These clothing items were donated to the Musuem during our trip to the Palatinate in 1994.

Donated by:
Gudrun Voegeli, Sudliche Weinstrasse, Germany.

Tobacco Pipe
This pipe from the Delmage Home at Killeheen is similar to those found in old homes in the Palatinate as can be seen in a portrait from this book on Palatine Costumes at the Museum Library.

Pipe donated by: Austin Bovenizer, Ireland.
Book donated by: Monika Lauer, Germany.
branding iron
Branding Iron
This is one of two branding irons on display. The letters 'RD' stand for Robert Delmage. At Courtmatrix and Killeheen part of each family's holding was on a commonage. Rules were set out and agreed at colony meetings to govern use of these lands and each farmer had to brand his cattle. Also on display in the museum are the agreements signed by colony members

Donated by: Austin Bovenizer, Ireland.

Some Exhibits

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