The Irish Palatines by Dudley Levistone Cooney
With a great love of history, and in particular Methodist history, Rev. Dudley Cooney served the Adare Ballingrane Methodist Circuit for many years. As an author and reviewer of many books on various aspects of Methodism and as a committee member of the Irish Palatine Association it was inevitable that Dudley would get around to writing on the the subject of the Irish Palatines. When the German-Irish Circle of Friends asked if the IPA would prepare a short history of the Irish Palatines for publication, the moment of circumstance had arrived for Reverend Cooney.
In English and German; Paperback; 5.75 x 8.25; 55 pages; 24 colour illustrations

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Some German Origins of the Irish Palatines - by Henry Z Jones .
This book is a companion volume to Hank’s seminal book The Palatine Families of Ireland, 2nd edition published in 1990. In this new work, some of his recent discoveries about the definite, probable and possible German origins of some of the families are set forth, documented, and discussed. So often families like the Emburys, Dulmages, Bovenizers and Teskeys who were neighbours in Germany remained neighbours on The Emerald Isle after their arrival – reinforcing the old genealogical adage “They Came Together—They Stayed Together!”
Hardback; 6.00 x 9.00; 66 pages.

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Irish Palatine Association Journal (view full range here)
Published annually by the IPA to encourage a sense of fellowship, promote dialogue between members, record information and inform of Association developments. The Journal is distributed free to members. Back Issues are available and click HERE to view a summary of contents of each past Journal.

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All Good Reason by Barbara Bingham
The true story of Barbara Heck is recreated using meticulous use of historical fact and inherited details to bring history alive for every reader. Written in the present tense, she emerges as a stoic, forthright and mindful woman who has a claim to fame in the British colonies of America in the 1760s and who encapsulates the lives of women amongst the loyal supporters of their King of Great Britain and Ireland.
Her story blends immigration experiences with dominant Palatinate family heritage that calls for her community’s loyalty in their host countries with dire consequences.  She keeps their morale under-girded with revitalized identity in New York by introducing Methodism to America. She holds respect and standing in a male world with a sense of reality yet she burns with frustration. A stoic personality keeps her marriage vows intact when under attack from attraction and hurtful judgment. When historically significant scenarios hurt her fellow “Irish Palatines”, she nearly buckles under the strain. Canada becomes the last place of refuge where loyalty has a result. Hindsight and accountability are quantified; overall, did the four countries of heritage and refuge deceitfully influence their lives?
Paperback; 6” x 8.25”; 409 pages

23.00 euros (plus P&P)

Dorothy Teskey - Stories from My Life by Dorothy Teskey.
This book is a collection of stories written in reply to Dorothy’s granddaughters questions over a period of time. Her upbringing would be typical of what a Palatine would experience for those years. As well as being of Palatine stock through her Miller and other Palatine family backgrounds, Dorothy Walsh married Ronald Teskey of Castlematrix in 1956. She was part of the Rathkeale Palatine Community from that time on for many years. Dorothy has a very optimistic outlook and this comes through very much in the stories of trials and tribulations of what life has thrown at her. The profits from this book are in aid of Limerick Suicide Watch.
Paperback; 6” x 8.25”; 226 pages; 128 colour & Black and White photos

20.00 euros (plus P&P)

Adare: The Augustinian Friary & St. Nicholas Church by Barbara Bingham.
Commemorating the 700th anniversary of the Augustinian Friary in Adare, Co. Limerick, this book richly illustrates with photographs and historical detail
the friary’s foundation, the monastic life led there and the role it played in the local community. It describes the architecture of the friary buildings, and recounts their more recent history and the renewed sense of purpose they now embody. The Augustinian Friary is one of three medieval religious houses in the town of Adare and is the only one that survives largely unspoilt and unscathed. Many Palatines settled in Adare, a secondary colony and worshipped in St. Nicholas Church. Their children attended the adjacent school which is housed in the complex.
Paperback; 63 pages; 73 photographs.

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Over the Hills and Far Away - Tracing the Sparlings by Kathleen M. Bryant
As well as the research work of the author this material has been compiled from the work of many others who have been researching the Sparling family history since the 1930s. Much was collated and forwarded to the author by the late Dyan Sparling, California. The author also had contact with Mike Barkman in New Zealand, Eleanor Neilson in Ontario who added more including others doing research on the Shier and Teskey families.
In English; Black & White Bound Photocopy; 8" x 12"; 238 pages; 51 Photos.

50.00 euros (plus P&P)

All Worlds Possible - the Domain of the Millers of Coolybrown by Dr. Patrick O'Connor.
An entrancing story reaching back and tapping into the life and times of a west Limerick Palatine family in 19th century Ireland (1820s to 1960s). It explores the spread of the family, including friends and relations over far flung corners of the world including Australia, South Africa and North America. This book is invaluable in learning about, and understanding the profile and lifestyle of an Irish Palatine Family in Ireland during the period mentioned.
Hardback; 5.75 x 8.25; 168 pages; 45 illustrations

15.00 euros (plus P&P)

St. Brendan’s Church of Ireland, Tarbert 1814 – 2014
Published by Tarbert Historical & Heritage Society
Many Palatines settled in Tarbert, a secondary colony and worshipped in St. Brendan's Church.

Paperback; 6 x 9.25; 256 pages; 49 photographs; 12 letter reproductions.


Did they also die for Ireland by John Sheehan
The title refers to some members of the Royal Irish Constabulary who were killed in Ireland during the period 1919 to 1922. The R.I.C. as they were generally known, enforced law & order more effectively than any of their predecessors and in doing so also gave greater protection to Irish people against the activities of criminals. A very worthwhile publication that can only increase knowledge of the R.I.C. Paperback; 6 x 8.25; 83 pages; 33 photographs

15.00 euros (plus P&P)

Plain Artless Serious People by Dudley Levistone Cooney
John Wesley on describing the Palatine people he met as 'a plain, artless, serious' people, indicated they were straightforward and free of deceit. He subsequently came to the area in the course of thirteen other tours, sometimes including Courtmatrix, Killeheen, Kilfinane, and on one occasion Adare. Paperback; 6 x 8; 72 pages. 15.00 euros (plus P&P)

15.00 euros (plus P&P)

All Ireland is in and about Rathkeale by Dr. Patrick O'Connor.
Explores the unrivalled richness of this small corner of Ireland and in doing so gives the broader picture of the environment into which the Palatines were first settled on the Southwell estate.

Hardback; 5.75 x 8.75; 229 pages; 71 illustrations

24.00 euros (plus P&P)

Exploring Limerick’s Past - by Dr. Patrick O'Connor.
An historical geography of urban development in Limerick City and County.
Hardback; 8.5" x 12.0"; 181 pages; 64 photographs, 69 illustrations

30.00 euros (plus P&P)

Pfalzer in Irland Pfalzer in Irland - by Rudiger Renzing.
This book (published in German) explores the fact that not all of the Palatines who left Germany in 1709 reached their destination of North America. The English settled well over 3,000 German-speaking emigrants, mostly from the Palatinate region of Germany, in county Limerick in Ireland.
In this fundamental work, which is based on archival sources in Germany, England and Ireland, Renzing has dealt extensively with the history of the Irish Palatines and examined both the economic and social development of the Palatine colonies in Ireland from their foundation and onwards into the 19th century.
Hardback; Language: German

25.00 euros (plus P&P)

Pfalzer in Irland

People Make Places - by Dr. Patrick O'Connor.
In 1709 groups of German protestants immigrated to Ireland to escape political unrest and religious persecution. Many of these were enroute to America, but chose to stay in Ireland for various reasons. The author has researched every clan, colony and leading commentator on the Irish Palatines to weave together the history presented here.
Hardback; 8.5" x 12.0"; 229 pages

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