Wesleyan Chapel Project

Our work to preserve the Wesleyan Chapel site at Killeheen is ongoing. We acquired the site some years ago, and it is important to protect and mark the spot where many Irish Palatines worshipped. As part of our tercentenary celebrations in September 2009 a stone podium was unveiled at the site by Rev. D.A. Levistone Cooney. The ceremony was attended by tercentenary participants as well as members of the local community.

Wesleyan Chapel Site Donators
Patrick Adams, UK.
Barbara Bingham, Ireland.
Lois Black, Canada.
Austin Bovenizer, Ireland.
Wilson Bovenizer, NI.
Michael Bowman, Ireland.
Patrick Coleman, Ireland.
Steven Dirks, USA.
Olive Enright, Ireland.
Robert Fizzell, Canada.
Heather Groves, Ireland.
Robert Hartrick, USA.
Carolyn Heald , Canada.
Patricia Heald , Canada.
John Hick , UK.
Vivien Hick , Ireland.
Ann Kennedy, USA.
Margaret Lynn, Canada.
Helen MacDonald, Canada.
William McCleery, Sth. Africa.
Ken & Janice McDonald, UK.
Wid Painter, USA.
Barbara Pittam, Canada.
Edward Ruttle, Ireland.
Patrick Ruttle, Ireland.
Lorna Shier , Ireland.
Maryan Shier Tisdale, Canada.
Joel Sholdis, N. I..
Christy Switzer, Ireland.
Robert H Teskey, Canada.
Tom Upshaw, USA.
Mary Wallace, Canada.
Valerie Watts, Australia.
Barbara Whitley, Ireland.

wesleyan chapel site killeheen
Rev. D. A. Levistone Cooney unveiling the stone to mark Wesleyan Chapel site at Killeheen.
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