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Irish Palatine Association Journal 2021
Special Edition
In this special edition of the IPA Journal (No.28), we present a new transcription of the London Lists of 1709 by Carolyn Heald. The London Lists are preserved at the National Archives in London. These lists were prepared by two German speaking pastors that had been administering to the Palatines in London for submission to the Board of Trade whose responsibility it was for sustaining them and settling them in the Plantations. This is the first transcription made from the original lists since appearing over several issues of the New York Genealogical and Biographical Society’s publication in 1909 and 1910. In preparing these Carolyn Heald has corrected some errors and also included some missing names. This special edition IPA Journal will be a landmark publication. A main source that will be used in 1709 Irish Palatine genealogy work for many years to come. .....(more)
Journal 28

Shier Reunion 2022
June 26th 2022
The 99th Shier Reunion 2022 will take place on Sunday 26th of June at 12.30pm in Wilfrid, Ontario. See the following invitation for details.

Recent visitors to the Irish Palatine Museum
Sunday April 24th 2022
Last Sunday, 24th of April saw the first large group of visitors to the Irish Palatine Museum since the outbreak of Covid. Driving their Model T Fords and dressed in period costume, the very colourful group consisting of up to fifty people, arrived at approximately 12.00 noon. With the distinct sound of vintage engines in the air, these beautiful and precious machines were carefully parked before drivers and passengers disembarked. We presented a brief account of the Irish Palatine story to all assembled before browsing through our exhibition and enjoying a cup of coffee in the coffee shop. This group of Model T’s, their owners, family and friends had gathered in County Limerick for the weekend where local Model T owner, David Cuddy and his wife Marian, had organised this veteran car run on local roads using some of the interesting stops along the Limerick Greenway route for the group. The event certainly was a most uplifting experience for all on the day.
Webinar-Explore the Rheinland Palatinate
Sunday April 3rd 2022
The Rhineland-Pfalz, or Rhineland-Palatinate, is nestled in the rich Rhineland valley in the southwest of Germany, a region known for its warm, sunny climate and a wine-making culture that extends back to Roman times. This presentation explores the history of the Palatinate from Celtic times to the present. It explores why so many people emigrated or were forced to flee over the centuries and also includes today’s sights of interest. This presentation is designed for genealogists, travellers, foodies, oenophiles, and anyone who enjoys learning about other cultures, places, and times.
You are invited to join the Webinar hosted by the IP-SIG of the Ontario Genealogical Society, on Sunday, April 3rd at 2.00pm (EDT) 7.00pm (GMT) when Claire Gebben will be presenting Explore the Rheinland Palatinate. Claire is the author of a memoir and an historical novel and has had articles published in Your Genealogy Today and German Life magazines, as well as genealogical society newsletters and other publications. She’s a public speaker on genealogy, history, and writing, and is currently working on a novel about Highland Scots immigrants to Ohio in the early 1800s.

Carolina and the Palatines
Sunday January 23rd 2022
The 1709 migration from the Palatinate to Queen Anne's England not only affected Ireland, but also had an impact on America. Some of those who sailed to London made their way directly to New Bern, North Carolina in 1710. This is the subject of historian Philip Otterness’s most recent research and he will share his findings in this presentation.
You are invited to join the Webinar hosted by the IP-SIG of the Ontario Genealogical Society, on Sunday, January 23rd at 2.00pm (EST) 7.00pm (GMT) when Philip Otterness will be presenting Die berühmte Landschaft Carolina and the Palatines:  The Founding of New Bern, North Carolina in 1710

New Publication
Some German Origins of the Irish Palatines
Journal 25
The Irish Palatine Association recently received the gift of a new exclusive publication titled Some German Origins of The Irish Palatines by Henry Z, Jones. Jr. This book is intended as a companion volume to Hank’s seminal book The Palatine Families of Ireland. In this new publication, some of Hank’s recent discoveries about the definite, probable and possible German origins of some of the Palatine families are set forth, documented, and discussed. This publication is exclusively available from the Irish Palatine Association and can be ordered from our SHOP.

A Rathkealean Traverse
I  traverse a road between townlands.
Enniscoush on the right is trim and tidy, nursery of a rural order;
Courtmatrix on the left catches the ribbons of modernity
Spilling out from town. I meet with and old Palatine in a car,
His craggy, lived-in face a testament to humour and diversion.
He salutes as he passes. We are in the waving zone.
The sun dances in a blue sky and irradiates the earth.
Hedges and ditches carry the mayflower in full glory
And sumptuous displays of foliage. Rhythms of land and season
Weave into the rhythms of life.
Copyright © Dr. Patrick J. O'Connor 2017 from his book 'Home and Reach-a life in writing'
Palatine Ancestral Homeland Tour
It has been decided that our Palatine Ancestral Homeland Tour cannot now proceed until at least 2022. The tour which was originally planned for September 2020 had been deferred due to the concern over the global pandemic of Coronavirus. While a vaccine will probably be rolled out in the first half of 2021 we are of the view that things will still not have settled adequately enough to allow us to proceed with confidence. We thank all who had booked for this event for their support and patience as matters have unfolded. We live in hope for 2022!!! We will advise all members and those interested in participating when a new programme is planned.

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