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Posthumous Presedential Pardon for wrongly convicted Kerrymen.
Tadhg Evans 2024 Kerryman
Minister for Justice Helen McEntee will recommend to President Michael D Higgins that Sylvester Poff and James Barrett receive a posthumous presidential pardon.
The men were wrongly convicted for the murder of Thomas Browne near Scartaglin, Co. Kerry in 1882 and hanged in early 1883. It follows a detailed report by Dr Niamh Howlin, and the pardon is being granted to the two men on the grounds that their convictions were unsafe. Minister McEntee has also acknowledged the work of the Castleisland District Heritage Incorporating Michael O’Donohue Memorial Project in bringing the case to her Department. Read more here...

Shier Reunion 2024
Sunday June 23rd 2024
The annual Shier Reunion will be held on Sunday June 23rd, at the Wilfrid Hall at 12.00 noon. The picnic is located at 20915 Brock Rd, Pefferlaw, ON L0E 1N0. Please advise if you are able to attend. For all that are able, please bring a main course and a dessert for this potluck picnic gathering.

Irish Palatine Association Journal (No.30)
In this edition of the IPA Journal, we present Nathaniel Switzers Letters to his daughter who had emigrated to Canada with her family. The letters were written in Ireland between 1850 and 1857 and illustrate beautiful penmanship and give us and insight into the lives and mental strength of an Irish Palatine Family around the time of the Irish Famine.
There is an article about the influence Rev. Joshua Kocherthal who was a Lutheran preacher and had a significant influence on great numbers of Palatines leaving the Palatinate and settling in America. We also have an article on the Sparlings of Kilcooly who initially moved from Limerick to Tipperary and later emigrated to Canada. Following the passing of Queen Elizabeth II in 2022. we have an article recalling the visit of Princess Elizabeths to Canada in 1951 telling of the story of how Audrey Farnell, a talented soprano and singer, and Howard Brown a noted pianist and musical educator, were requested to attend and entertain the visiting royals and attending guests. We also have an article on the commission set up by Queen Anne to aid the Palatines in London and oversee their settlement plus organising aid for those who would move onward and settle in Ireland

New Publication
All Good Reason
The true story of Barbara Heck is recreated using meticulous use of historical fact and inherited details to bring history alive for the reader. Written in the present tense, she emerges as a stoic, forthright and mindful woman who has a claim to fame in the British colonies of America in the 1760s and who encapsulates the lives of women amongst the loyal supporters of their King of Great Britain and Ireland.

Copies are available from our Shop

Webinar-Virtual Record Treasury of Ireland
Saturday February 10th 2024

Dr. Brian Gurrin will introduce the Virtual Record Treasury of Ireland project and speak about the destruction of the Public Record Office in 1922, with a particular emphasis on the records for the Palatines which were located in the Archive before it was destroyed. He will describe some of the surviving records for the Palatines which are available to researchers via the Virtual Record Treasury, including the relevant surviving returns from the 1766 religious census of Ireland, the greatest survey held in Ireland between the Down Survey of the 1650s and the national censuses of Ireland of the nineteenth century. He will also introduce some records which may find their way into the Treasury during this phase of the project.

Dorothy Teskey
Stories from My Life
This book is a collection of stories written in reply to Dorothy’s granddaughters questions over a period of time. Her upbringing would be typical of what a Palatine would experience for those years. As well as being of Palatine stock through her Miller and other Palatine family backgrounds, Dorothy Walsh married Ronald Teskey of Castlematrix in 1956. She was part of the Rathkeale Palatine Community from that time on for many years. Dorothy has a very optimistic outlook and this comes through very much in the stories of trials and tribulations of what life has thrown at her.
Profits from this book are in aid of Limerick Suicide Watch.
Copies are available from our Shop

Interview with Dorothy Teskey
Enjoy an interview with Dorothy Teskey from RTE Radio One’s (Irish Radio) The Nine O'Clock Show hosted by Brendan Courtney. Dorothy became a TikTok hit with her song "Remember me". The Limerick great grandmother's video has 1.6 million views. She has also written a book called, Stories of my Life.

Webinar-Hank Jones Palatine Research Library
Saturday January 14th 2023
Recently, Hank Jones donated his personal library to the New York Chapter of Palatines to America (PALAM) and to the Germantown (New York) Library where it is now housed. It consists of hundreds of books, periodicals, pamphlets, and other materials documenting years of research on the Palatines - those who went to America in 1710, as well as those who settled in Ireland in 1709. You are invited to join the Webinar hosted by the IP-SIG of the Ontario Genealogical Society, on Saturday, 14th January at 2.00pm (EDT) 7.00pm (GMT) for a Special Panel Presentation about the library

Happy St. Patricks Day

New Publication
Some German Origins of the Irish Palatines
The Irish Palatine Association recently received the gift of a new exclusive publication titled Some German Origins of The Irish Palatines by Henry Z, Jones. Jr. This book is intended as a companion volume to Hank’s seminal book The Palatine Families of Ireland. In this new publication, some of Hank’s recent discoveries about the definite, probable and possible German origins of some of the Palatine families are set forth, documented, and discussed. This publication is exclusively available from the Irish Palatine Association and can be ordered from our SHOP.

Journal 25

A Rathkealean Traverse
I  traverse a road between townlands.
Enniscoush on the right is trim and tidy, nursery of a rural order;
Courtmatrix on the left catches the ribbons of modernity
Spilling out from town. I meet with and old Palatine in a car,
His craggy, lived-in face a testament to humour and diversion.
He salutes as he passes. We are in the waving zone.
The sun dances in a blue sky and irradiates the earth.
Hedges and ditches carry the mayflower in full glory
And sumptuous displays of foliage. Rhythms of land and season
Weave into the rhythms of life.
Copyright © Dr. Patrick J. O'Connor 2017 from his book 'Home and Reach-a life in writing'

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